"My Dealer Is The Devil" Tote Bag

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Occvlta's "My Dealer Is The Devil" Tote Bag, illustrated by the amazing 3.lll.lll in her unimitable Romanesque-inspired style. Red canvas tote bag printed in black and gold glitter.

Front: A depiction of a medieval Devil brewing an ointment composed of the classical Western banes, ornated by floral motifs, and cheeky mandrake roots.

Back: 'MY·DEALER·IS·THE·DEVIL' motto with a decorated initial M depicting a Veneficus scene, the Poisoner is harvesting the belladonna berries that are being pointed at by the Devil. Because we all need a little help from our Friends.

Measurements: 42cm tall (without handles) x 38cm wide. 10-liter capacity. 100% cotton.


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