Harvest Incense & “Dies Canicvlares” Print by Keysvncvlt

This set is composed of our signature Harvest Incense (crafted with Spanish broom flowers, yarrow, savory leaves, cinnamon, opium poppy leaves, frankincense, orange blossom, and other spirits) + a special edition of Keysvncvlt's “Dies Canicvlares” print, traditionally screen-printed on Khadi (Karnataka, India) handmade paper.


The Harvest is the culmination of the agrarian year, a cathartic celebration of all the hard work we have carried out throughout the year, a time to appreciate the results of our efforts and sacrifices. Let us rejoice while never losing sight of the winter that lies ahead. Harvest incense, floral and energizing, will accompany Keysvncvlt's mind-blowing representation of the seasonal festivity ‘Dies Canicvlares’ and is sold exclusively through Keysvncvlt's bigcartel store.


- 30ml amber glass jar.
- Print dimensions: 21cm Height x 30cm Width (8" x 12").
- Limited edition of 21 copies.



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