All Hallows' Incense & “Omnia Sanctorvm” Print by Keysvncvlt

This set is composed of our signature All Hallows' Incense (crafted with rowan berries, tobacco, copal resin, cypress wood, chestnuts, ginger, hop flowers, poppy seeds, and other spirits) + a special edition of Keysvncvlt's “Omnia Sanctorvm” print, traditionally screen-printed on Khadi (Karnataka, India) handmade paper.


All Hallows' Eve is the Night of All Nights, the Sacred time when the Veil that separates this world from the other is thin as the smoke of the candles we light for the Dead. We celebrate the return of Darkness, and we retreat to the Safety of our Hearth. All Hallows' incense, dark and alluring, will accompany Keysvncvlt's brilliant representation of the seasonal festivity ‘Omnia Sanctorvm’ and is sold exclusively through Keysvncvlt's bigcartel store.


- 30ml amber glass jar.
- Print dimensions: 21cm Height x 30cm Width (8" x 12").
- Limited edition of 21 copies.



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