Back from the Styx


In the haunting echoes of chthonic rites, thou shall enter a realm of eternal shadow. Within its depths, where light is banished, lie untold glories, where mortals wane in the face of the primordial mystery.

NECRORACLE “Arcane Impious Sorceries” LP OUT NOW!

This LP is available in regular Black and Bronze vinyl, along with a T-Shirt at the Store.

You can also order the album in digital format at our Bandcamp page.

*Pre-orders are being sent. Those who have placed a pre-order will receive a tracking number via email, so make sure you check your spam folders.


There is no Calm amidst the Maelstrom


We are proud to announce that 13TH MOON’s “Abhorrence of Light” LP is back after 7 years since its first vinyl release.

The new repress shall come in regular Black and Unholy Purple versions, along with T-Shirt, Embroidered Patch, and a Metal Pin.

HIC IACET’s “Perpetually Immersed in Mystical Delirium” LP will also be available in regular Black and Dirty Oxblood versions, along with T-Shirt and Metal Pin.

Last but not least, we unveil our most ambitious artifact to date: a BOX SET commemorating 13th Moon's 10 years of existence. The box set is strictly limited to 30 numbered copies, and also limited to 1 copy per customer.

Thank you all for your support.

10 Years


Today marks the day TRIANGULUM IGNIS emerged from the primordial abyss 10 YEARS ago! We will unveil some special treats during the following weeks to commemorate such a special event.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
.:H:. ♆ .:O:.

A Chronicle of the Plague


After an ordeal that has lasted for more than a year, we are glad to announce that DEATH LIKE MASS “Matka Na Sabacie” MC, GZEKHRATÜS “Enter the Morbid Obscurity” 10" EP, and 13TH MOON “Putridarium” 12" EP and their corresponding merch are available at the Store.

All pre-orders have been now shipped, and those including 13th Moon will be receiving the incense blend used in 13th Moon live ceremonies as a gift, crafted by Occvlta.

We want to thank you for your support and understanding in these trying times.

Come Season, Come Reborn


We are immensely proud to present you our upcoming releases: DEATH LIKE MASS' “Matka Na Sabacie” MC, GZEKHRATÜS' “Enter the Morbid Obscurity” 10" EP, and 13TH MOON's “Putridarium” 12" EP, all of them are now available for PRE-ORDER at the Store.

Death Like Mass’ “Matka Na Sabacie”, a limited edition MC for which slipcases and boxes have been manually printed in a traditional letterpress machine and screen-printed respectively. Each one has been handcrafted and assembled from scratch. “Matka Na Sabacie”, the piece that gives name to the release, is a Polish translation of the poem “Mother at the Sabbath” by Aleister Crowley. Artwork by superb Mar.A, cover inspired by Félicien Rops’ “L'Enlèvement”. New T-Shirts and golden metal pins will be available as well.

Gzekhratüs’ “Enter the Morbid Obscurity” comes in a limited edition of 10" vinyl EP available in regular Black and Sacrifice Red. Artwork has been majestically illustrated by Mar.A. Guest drums by Omega (Darvaza, Fides Inversa, Deathrow, Nubivagant). This work represents the conclusion to Gzekhratüs' 10 years of inner speleology, thus, this is the last EP of the trilogy that started with “Nox Occulta” and was followed by “Masters of Universal Mysteries”. New T-Shirts and woven patches will accompany this release.

Last but not least, after more than five years in the making, we present to you 13th Moon's “Putridarium”, which will come in a limited edition of 12" vinyl EP available in regular Black and Miasma Green. Artwork amazingly crafted by Karmazid. Guest vocals by Mark of the Devil (Cultes des Ghoules, Death Like Mass, Lvcifyre, Sodality) and Old Coffin Spirit (Doombringer, Bestial Raids, Venefices). New T-Shirts and woven patches will be available too.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your patience and support. We have worked very hard to offer you the best, hopefully this shall meet all expectations.

A Dead Oracle


The wait is finally over. DEATH KARMA “The History of Death & Burial Rituals” Part I and Part II MCs and the Special Box Set are now available at the Store. This release, made in conspiracy with Beyond Eyes, has been on the making since late 2018, and the result has made us genuinely proud.

All cassette tape boxes have been printed with traditional offset, letterpress and hot-foil machines and assembled by hand one by one. Each Box Set, containing both cassette tape releases, a pendant, woven patch, sticker, incense (crafted by Occvlta) plus a charcoal for incense burning, has been envisioned with utmost reverence to this project, an exhaustive exploration of funerary and sacrificial rites around the world.

We have intended to give Death Karma's music and Dávid Glomba's artwork a worthy medium to present itself to the audience. We are sure its outcome will not disappoint.

Inaugurating the Saturnine Orgy


FUNERAL MANTRA “Nemini Parco” DLP, 13TH MOON “Shrouded in Grave Soil” MC, and 13TH MOON “The Pale Spectre over the Worm / Oracle of Death” LP repress are now available at the Store and Pre-Orders are now being shipped.

In order to celebrate the occasion, we have lowered the price in all remaining merch items until December 13th. Those of you who have placed a Pre-Order that includes merch items will be given a compensatory gift in appreciation for your support.

We are glad to inform you that we are working again with Beyond Eyes in the making of the cassette versions for DEATH KARMA’s “The History of Death & Burial Rituals” Parts I and II in very special editions.

More news to come.

Sharpen thy Blades


We announce that the PRE-ORDER for FUNERAL MANTRA's much awaited “Nemini Parco” double LP in regular black vinyl and swamp green/oxblood hazed vinyl editions, with artwork by Iza Koval, is now available at the Store, together with the PRE-ORDER for 13TH MOON's “The Pale Spectre over the Worm / Oracle of Death” LP repress.

Finally, we include the PRE-ORDER for 13TH MOON's “Shrouded in Grave Soil” demo MC, a collection of forgotten tracks that was meant to accompany “Abhorrence of Light” as an addendum. This release will be sold exclusively through Triangulum Ignis.

Remember that, as they are pre-orders, they will be put on hold until the releases arrive.

Tending the Pyre


We are pleased to announce that long path towards the release of 13TH MOON’s “The Pale Spectre over the Worm / Oracle of Death” LP has come to an end. The final result is a vinyl release which worthly reflects its content, displaying the early majesty of the project in all its splendour. Thus, all pre-orders have been shipped, and several distros will receive them shortly. The remains can be found at the Store.

But things don't stop here, as we announce that the ritual ambient project ORDO VERMIS will be playing live for the first time at the third edition of the Death Cult Rising festival that will take place on September 7th, in the city of Barcelona, together with Phurpa, Arktau Eos, and some more.

Finally, we announce that FUNERAL MANTRA’s “Nemini Parco” will be re-released in vinyl format by fall. Again, we are sure the outcome will be worthy of such a piece of sonic ritual.

Prepare the torches, ignite the fire.

Worms Shall Lead Our Path


We announce that the PRE-ORDER for 13TH MOON's “The Pale Spectre over the Worm / Oracle of Death” LP is now available at the Store, in regular black vinyl and silver/black starburst editions, and an astounding artwork by Mar.A. Both demos from 2013 now in a single vinyl release, with remastered sound by Seclusion - Sound Design.

To celebrate such an occasion, we also offer a reprint of the 13th Moon “XIII” black T-shirt in gold/white or silver/white prints, together with a new 13th Moon's 'Skull Insignia' metal badge.

The Chariot Will Not Cease


And so, the yearly harvest has brought us many fruits from the reaping. Firstly, the release of the much anticipated 13TH MOON and RITUAL DEATH split, "Mors Triumphans", made in conspiracy between Triangulum Ignis and Terratur Possessions now available in regular black and limited gold vinyl featuring the outstanding artwork by Mar.A.

You shall also find new 13th Moon t-shirts and wifebeaters, together with the skull insignia patch, and a hoodie with artwork by Mar.A.

Remember that 13TH MOON will play in the Bestial Laceration III festival in Chorzów, Poland on September the 9th, and FUNERAL MANTRA will be delivering a live ritual in the Barcelona Death Cult Rising II festival on September 23rd, so bear in mind that we may run out of some stuff!

Last but not least, we announce that FUNERAL MANTRA is working on a new LP honouring the Sacred Bringer of Eternal Sleep, but more news about it shall come in due time.

Stay vigilant.

The Heretic Apogee


In the highest point of the solar trajectory we offer DEATH LIKE MASS' MC versions for “Kręte Drogi” and “Jak Zabija Diabeł”, carefully envisioned and crafted by hand.

All pre-orders have been shipped, and from now on you will find the tapes together with their respective metal pins at the Store.

The Dead Ride Fast


ANDHORD’s much awaited “Revelation” mLP, presented at the live performances of Seville and Barcelona is now AVAILABLE at the Store. The vinyl, presenting a sanguine appearance and a killer etching, is limited to 313 copies.

Cassette versions for DEATH LIKE MASS’ “Kręte Drogi” and “Jak Zabija Diabeł” are now available for PRE-ORDER at the Store (very limited run of 250 copies each, artisan handmade). These final releases will be available late May/early June. Together with such special editions, we have decided to make correspondent metal pins, which will also be available for pre-order together with the tapes.

We have just revealed the upcoming release of the split between 13TH MOON and RITUAL DEATH, a collaboration between Terratur Posessions and Triangulum Ignis. This opus is expected to be released in the midst of summer. 13th Moon, on his part, is getting ready for the live rituals of Inner Awakening Festival IX (August 18th, Budapest, Hungary) and Beyond the Gates' Bjørgvin Black Mass 2017 (‘The Dungeon’ August 25th, Bergen, Norway).

What a joyful way to celebrate the solar sacrifice.

The Sulphurous Fire will Blaze before the Algor


In praise of Chinnamasta we present the culmination of an arduous but rewarding task, the release CULT OF FIRE’s “Life, Sex & Death” MC edition made in collaboration with Beyond Eyes. Limited to 300 copies, each of its boxes are handcrafted from scratch, printed in a traditional offset machine, and adorned with gifts from the Ganga river. Each offertory will consist of a Marigold flower recovered and gathered from the garlands worn by the dead, and water from the Sacred River in the cities of Mayapur and Varanasi. Beyond Eyes will have the release available after January the 5th 2017.

As announced, the remnants of the 13TH MOON T-Shirt made for the Ad Mortem Festinamus ritual are now available at the Store.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing DEATH LIKE MASS' “Kręte Drogi” and “Jak Zabija Diabeł” MC editions in the near future.

Gather your strengths for the long cold winter.

The Culmination of the Orgy


After a long and arduous quest, we are immensely pleased to present the new art for our webpage, envisioned and created by the magnificent Dávid Glomba. This magnum opus perfectly encapsulates our perceptions and desires, our invocations and curses. Long may the He-Goat and the Bearer of the Scythe reign.

The river is tainted with blood, a sign of what is to come. On this day we announce that Triangulum Ignis will co-release with Beyond Eyes the upcoming work of CULT OF FIRE “Life, Sex & Death” in MC format in a very special edition. This mystical jewel from the womb of the Red goddess will be ready for the season of the fall. Furthermore, we will release ANDHORD’s “Revelation” in vinyl, a tremendously underrated masterpiece which originally saw the light in 2011.

Remember that in December 3rd the city of Barcelona will be the witness of a very special ceremony, for it will hold AD MORTEM FESTINAMUS event, the first Cult of Fire concert in Spain. In such an occasion, Cult of Fire will be accompanied by 13th Moon, in their first show ever.
Tickets available here or via e-mail.

Finally, a Bandcamp for TI's releases is now available on the Downloads section.

Reaping Blackened Bones in the Smoking Pyre


The vernal season is about to expire, and so we are now releasing a piece to appease the Dark Mother. Here we present the long-awaited Ordo Vermis’ “Sanguis Drakonis” MC, a ritual ambient project that conveys the listener through a serpentine journey to sublimation. This release is now available at the Store. Unfortunately, the special edition containing a handmade packaging, badges and a specially crafted incense by Occvlta is now sold out. All the pre-ordered copies have been sent, and so there are still some regular copies left available.

To conclude, we inform you that 13th Moon’s “Abhorrence of Light” is now SOLD OUT.

Enjoy the harvest while it lasts...

Nectars of Decay


Here is the zenith of Darkness, the highest peak of Winter, and despite being considered an unfruitful season, it is now when the real Secrets are unveiled and the most precious tokens are given. Clothed in ashes, blinded by hemlock fumes, the ceremony has been grueling but, in the end, we have been granted with the gifts from the Unholy crypt. Here is “Abhorrence of Light” by 13th Moon, a prayer to the Destroyer of Lights, the Conjurer of Worms. We have been able to give shape to the Murmur of the Coffin and the Whispers of the Last Breath of Life, the glorious moment of Unexistence.
Besides, the copies have already been sent to those acolytes who pre-ordered it.

But not only the Dead bestow us with their unequivocal presence, but the Arcana hidden in the depths of nothingness can also lead to a powerful fulfillment. It is so that we also announce the imminent arrival of Gzekhratüs “Masters of Universal Mysteries” CD version in less than a fortnight.

We are pleased to share some news regarding the upcoming works by 13TH MOON, GZEKHRATÜS and a new release by the Drakonian Ambient project ORDO VERMIS. Right now, we can only advance the title and format of their upcoming works: an EP by 13th Moon to be called “Putridarium”, Gzekhratüs’ next EP, “Enter the Morbid Obscurity”, as well as “Sanguis Drakonis”, a cassette tape by Ordo Vermis.

We only need to thank the artists -first and foremost our friends- the collaborating labels and the supporters the undeniable aid you have always given to us. You Shall not be undone.

Keep attentive.

Night for a Dark Assembly


This year, the Cloaked Spectre honours us with a gift in this liminal time. 13TH MOON’s “Abhorrence of Light” has been re-edited in vinyl format. We are glad to announce that this everlasting masterpiece is now available for pre-order, including a previously unreleased track.

The release will be ready by the winter solstice.

The Harvest Feast


Amidst the frenzy of new beginning, eventually the time arrives to crop and savor the fruits we gathered. Let us bestow upon the altar the concoctions we waited for so long. Our new releases BLACK SUN “Liber” and GZEKHRATÜS “Masters of Universal Mysteries” are now available at the Store. Those who pre-ordered any of the copies will receive them in no time.

Besides, we announce the future vinyl release of 13TH MOON's “Abhorrence of Light”.

Prepare, for the dark half is near.

Votive Offering


And so the Vernal Solstice has arrived.

As promised, Black Sun's "Liber" LP and Gzekhratüs' "Masters of Universal Mysteries" 12" EP are now avaliable for pre-order through the Store.

We are also very pleased to start distributing some of our own circle's releases.

Take into account that if an order containing one of the new releases is placed, they will be put to wait until the new releases have arrived, and then sent all together. The releases will be ready by the end of summer 2014.

The Crooked Dawn


'Tis a long path we have treaded. Alone in the shadows we have lurked the splendour of gems without daring to touch them. And so, though we had glimpsed some traces of recognition, we were not bound to succeed. Perhaps it was because of those few deceivers who mingled among us, perhaps it was because of the ungrateful atmosphere which nourished our past efforts, but the fact is that our time hadn't come. Eventually we found a few who dared to wander along the Path of Night. We found those Spirits akin whose desires and whose Craft deserved a higher recognition that which they already had. A few, a dreaded few who found themselves at home while in the Ancient Forests and the Black Mounds.

A Serpentine Eye thus emerges, encircled by Flames. The Keys of Transcendence along the Via Nocturna. Becoming one with the Supreme Forces. And bringing back sounds and words that have been uttered since the Dawn of Times.

For now, this is all which had to be said. We are in any case refusing the teaching and great moments that the Past gave us, not the excellent work that we had the chance to do with our former partner Treble Noir. But the visions are clear, and the newly lit fire is spreading. The time is now.


We are proud to present the new Triangulum Ignis logo, designed by H from Babalon Graphics, a much talented artist whose work has captured marvelously the essence of our Aim. However, we are still amidst the process of re-designing the website, so we ask for your patience while this situation lasts.

Also, we are ultimating the details of the upcoming releases for the season. BLACK SUN's LP “Liber” and GZEKHRATÜS’ 12” EP “Masters of Universal Mysteries” will be available for pre-order by summer solstice.