Triangulum Ignis


Veritas in Inexpugnabile Abysso Invenit

Let the Flames purify and elevate the Spirit, and so They raise the Call, summoning the Great One. The storax-like smell will wake the Keeper of Mysteries, Its Presence invades the halls of our minds. The sound of Its Name is distinct and unique. The chthonic Serpent uncoils, and Truth emerges from the Unconquerable Abyss. Thus, is how the Uncreation enhances the true Self and true Will.

Triangulum Ignis is the pursue of those dwellers of the Black Mount who no longer cope with the mundane. Those who dared to tread the Via Nocturna, those who drank from the Deepest Chalice. With a renewed aim and a fortified Will, we are bound to an unbreakable Oath with those who we consider to be fellows in the Path. Those who understand and uphold the Unbinding of Secrets, those who perceive the Illumination in Utter Obscurity. Those who decide to decypher the real Message will be rewarded with the most valuable Knowledge.



Born out of the will to maneuver the energies dwelling in Nature, Occvlta exults  over the most arcane and crooked paths of yore. Through solution, conjunction,  coagulation and exaltation, we intend to transform the prima materia into  powerful -yet sensible- creations.

The result is a series of ritually-crafted materials, engendered in accordance with long-established corespondences,
the reign of lunar and seasonal cycles,
and the wisdom acquired through

*      *

Mons Niger


Mons Niger (the Black Mount) is an independent editorial endeavour founded in the area of Montnegre, in Catalonia, its aim is to give a voice to practitioners, artists, and researches of Witchcraft and Esotericism in the Iberian Peninsula, helping spread their experiences and visions to an English speaking audience. Similarly, we intend to provide Spanish-speaking readers with high quality translated materials that are often unavailable or unknown.


Mons Niger (el Monte Negro) es una iniciativa editorial independiente fundada en el área del Montnegre, en Cataluña, cuyo objetivo es dar voz a los profesionales, artistas e investigadores de la brujería y el esoterismo en la Península Ibérica, ayudando a difundir sus experiencias y visiones a un público de habla inglesa. Del mismo modo, tenemos la intención de proporcionar a los lectores hispanohablantes materiales traducidos de alta calidad que a menudo no están disponibles o son desconocidos.