“Going with the Bruxes since 1424” T-Shirt (Sand)

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“Going with the Bruxes since 1424” T-Shirt.

B&C #E190 t-shirt in Sand color. Screen-printed in black and red.

Artwork by: Rada Niţă Josan.

Front: ‘Sabbath in the Pyrenees’ illustration.

Back: Pyrenean Bruxa and motto ‘Going with the Bruxes since 1424’.

Sleeve: Bruxa riding a goat.

In 2024, we commemorate the 600th anniversary of a pivotal moment in history: the enactment of the Ordinacions i privilegis de les Valls d'Àneu, the first European civil law against Witchcraft. Penned in the Pyrenees in 1424, this text not only holds profound significance for the Pyrenean territories but also signifies a transformative juncture in the narratives of Witchcraft. The law was groundbreaking, marking a paradigm shift by characterizing “going with the witches” as a prosecutable crime and sparking a reconceptualization of witches, portraying them as human beings rather than supernatural entities.

This t-shirt and apparel series has been made with the purpose of revindicate the figure of the folkloric, non-human witch as a spirit of Otherness, and to emphasize that the energy surrounding this entity remains very much alive, we commissioned Rumanian artist Rada Niţă to illustrate a sabbath scene depicting the classic nightmarish entities of folklore as well as the Pyrenean bruxa in the least romanticized sense of the term.

Available in unisex and women's styles (check out the size chart for measurements).

Also available in three colors: Natural, Sand (this one), and Urban Khaki.

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