GZEKHRATÜS “Enter the Morbid Obscurity” 10" EP

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A sonic journey to the depths of the Hidden Self. Only through Darkness and Disdain for what it is accepted shall we find Illumination.

Gzekhratüs “Enter the Morbid Obscurity” 10" EP

Black/Death Metal


This release represents the conclusion to Gzekhratüs' 10 years of inner speleology, thus, this is the last EP of the trilogy that started with “Nox Occulta” and was followed by “Masters of Universal Mysteries”.

Guest drums by Omega (Darvaza, Fides Inversa, Deathrow, Nubivagant). Artwork by Mar.A.
Limited to 300 [200 (Black Vinyl) // 100 (Black/Red Vinyl)].

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