Celebration of the Harvest -3x Online Course Bundle Pack- (Recordings & Resources)

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*Important: this is not a live course, you are purchasing the recordings of 3 courses held in June, July, and August 2022 respectively on our Patreon.

These are the recordings of three online courses of more than 10 hours of duration in total, in which we deal with the Harvest in the broadest sense of the term: the Harvest of our hard work with the Land and its Spirits, the Harvest of emotions, interactions, and mysteries, the Harvest of what we have sown.

When you purchase this course bundle you will receive an e-mail with a link to download a *.pdf file containing:

— Links to the recordings of the 3 videos with the contents of the courses.

— Links to download 3 slide presentations with all the resources and bibliography of the courses.


Celebration of the Harvest PART 1

Building the Fortress: Plants & Fortitude

This course is devoted to the concept of Fortitude, so we can get ready for the Harvest coming with a historical and anthropological background. It also deals with the topics of cleansing, including customs around water and fire. In this course, we shall discover plants associated with fortitude in the Western tradition.

  • • The Well and the Fortress (cleansing/strengthening).
       - Preparing the spirit for the coming of harvest.
       - Cleansing throughout history.
  • • Fire and Water: Folk Customs around Strength / Fortitude.
       - Customs around water.
       - Customs around the fire and the hearth.
  • • Summer solstice celebrations.
       - History, lore, and elements.
  • • Plants of Fortitude.
       - History, lore, and traditions.
  • • Finding balance in the heat of summer (avoiding burnout).
  • • Practice: Crafting a Fire Oil.

Celebration of the Harvest PART 2

Entering the Garden: Plants & Abundance

This course is devoted to Abundance, so we can deal with the boons we have been granted in a relaxed and celebratory manner. It shall deal with the concepts of sacrifice, customs, and rituals around the spirits of seed and grain such as the Eleusinian Mysteries. In it, we shall deal with plants associated with abundance and their lore.

  • • Celebrating the Harvest.
  • • Harvest ceremonies and customs.
  • • The Sacrifice.
  • • The Spirit of Grain.
  • • Customs around seed and grain.
  • • Eleusinian Mysteries.
  • • The Magical Fern.
  • • Plants of Abundance: History, lore, and traditions.
  • • Acknowledging and attracting abundance and managing the fruits of the harvest.
  • • Practice: Strewing for Abundance.

Celebration of the Harvest PART 3

Tending the Fire: Plants & Protection

In this course we shall deal with the elusive topic of magical and spiritual Protection, the protection of the fruit of our harvest and of everything we care for, while introducing preparation for the coming autumn and winter, and making it part of our magical/spiritual path. We will unfold the mysteries of Plants as Spirit Familiars, and the role of certain plants as talismans and protective amulets throughout the ages.

  • • Preparing for Autumn: End of Summer lore.
  • • Household spirits: Ethics and customs.
  • • The house as a living entity.
  • • Customs around the threshold.
  • • Customs around the hearth.
  • • Customs around the rooms.
  • • Spirit Houses and Plant familiars.
  • • The crafting of Spirit Houses.
  • • Plants of protection: Protective customs and plants.
  • • Protection techniques and talismanic plant spirits.
  • • Nurturing the threshold egregore: A Flower Essence to Nurture Hedge Familiar Spirits

You will receive an email containing a link that allows you to download the pdf file with all the contents of the courses. Check your spam folder! If you have problems with the download, please contact us at occvlta@gmail.com.

* DISCLAIMER: Use this material at your own risk. Occvlta is not responsible for the information displayed in the courses, nor for any damages resulting from following the courses and the activities suggested in them.

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