The Land in Slumber PART 3 · Calling upon the Dead: Necromantic Plants -Online Course- (Recording & Resources)

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*Important: this is not a live course, you are purchasing the recording of 1 course held in November 2021 on our Patreon.

In this 3-hour-and-a-half recorded online course, we deal with Herbalism in relation to Necromancy. We talk about its history, principles, and elements of the Necromantic Practice.

When you purchase this course you will receive an e-mail with a link to download a *.pdf file containing:

— Link to the recording of the three-hours-and-a-half length video with the contents of the course.

— Link to download 1 slide presentation with all the resources and bibliography of the course.


The Land in Slumber PART 3

Calling upon the Dead: Necromantic Plants

In this course, we shall talk about the theory and practice behind Necromancy, or the contact with the Dead in the pursuit of divinatory, magical, and sorcerous workings. We shall delve into the folklore of Necromantic plants and how to work with them.

  • • Why the Dead?
  • • Literary Necromancy.
  • • Erichtho.
  • • History and elements of Necromantic practice.
  • • Saint Cyprian.
  • • Nectromantic plant folklore and applications.
  • • “Kill” the practitioner - Travel between worlds - invoke underworld deities.
  • • Bring the dead back to life - dispel parasitic entities - help practitioner return with the living.
  • • Harvesting and using Necromantic plants.
  • • Cemetery etiquette.
  • • Practice: The Vapours of the Underworld (making a Necromantic incense).

You will receive an email containing a link that allows you to download the pdf file with all the contents of the course. Check your spam folder! If you have problems with the download, please contact us at

* DISCLAIMER: Use this material at your own risk. Occvlta is not responsible for the information displayed in the course, nor for any damages resulting from following the course and the activities suggested in it.

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