13TH MOON “Putridarium” 12" EP

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Putrefaction unfolds its Secrets unto the Daring: no one will be spared the Liberating Decay of the Flesh.

13th Moon “Putridarium” 12" EP

Black/Death Metal


After more than five years in the making, 13th Moon's “Putridarium” has finally arrived to completion. An ode to the ancient putridaria, the crypts of decomposition and elevation of the bone matter.

Guest vocals by Mark of the Devil (Cultes des Ghoules, Death Like Mass, Lvcifyre, Sodality) and Old Coffin Spirit (Doombringer, Bestial Raids, Venefices). Artwork by Karmazid.
Limited to 600 [400 (Black Vinyl) // 200 (Miasma Green Vinyl)].


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