Veneration of the Bees -Online Course- (Recording & Resources)

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*Important: this is not a live course, you are purchasing the recording of 1 course held in July 2023 on our Patreon.

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Veneration of the Bees

Bees in Western Folklore, Magic, and Spirituality

Our relationship with bees is as old as humanity itself. From prehistoric bee “hunting” to funerary customs involving the domestic beehive, we have regarded bees as more than (crucial) pollinators: they are mediators between worlds, a manifestation of the Faeric realm, they are household protectors and messengers from the Beyond.

In this online course, we shall discover the connections between bees and spirituality, magic, religion, and folklore in the Western tradition. We will delve into the links between bees and the Dead, Fairies, and Otherness. We shall also explore the mystical applications of honey, and we will devote some time to discussing ways in which we can work with Bees, and incorporate their presence in our paths as herbalists, and as practitioners of magic and witchcraft.


  • • A brief timeline of Bee History.
  • • Origins of Beekeeping and Bee Veneration.
  • • Bees in Mythology and Religion.
  • • Bees and Fairies.
  • • Bees and the Dead.
  • • Bees in Magic and Ritual.
  • • Honey in Magic and Medicine.
  • • Plants for the Bees.
  • • Working with the Hive Spirits.

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