Dark Aphrodisiacs -3x Online Course Bundle Pack- (Recordings & Resources)

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*Important: this is not a live course, you are purchasing the recordings of 3 courses held in March, April, and May 2022 respectively on our Patreon.

These are the recordings of three online courses of more than 10 hours of duration in total, in which we deal with the concepts of Empowerment, Ecstasy, and Fertility, by observing how these have been developed in ancient mythology, by analyzing their stories, myths, and evolution through the ages, and by linking it to plant lore we can shed some light on the misunderstood applications of the real Veneficium.

When you purchase this course bundle you will receive an e-mail with a link to download a *.pdf file containing:

— Links to the recordings of the 3 videos with the contents of the courses.

— Links to download 3 slide presentations with all the resources and bibliography of the courses.


Dark Aphrodisiacs PART 1

The Dream of Lilith: Empowerment of the Shadow

In this course, we shall deal with the transgressive aspects of empowerment by taking a look at how narcotic and abortive plants have been used since ancient times. The aim of this course is to discover empowerment through the figure of the night demon, learning to give wings to the Shadow self.

  • • Introduction to Aphrodisiacs.
  • • Lilith: origins and evolution.
  • • Night demons and spirits: Lamia, Empousa, Vampires, Strix, and more.
  • • Sleeping with demons in the Middle Ages.
  • • Narcotic and Abortive plants.
  • • Practice: Communing with the Incubi/Succubi.

Dark Aphrodisiacs PART 2

The Feast of Pan: Ecstasy as Transcendence

In this course, we shall deal with Ecstasy acquired through Dominion and Pleasure, the transcendent aspects of orgies and ecstatic practices, and how stimulants have been used in ritual and magic. The aim of this course is to find out how ecstatic trance and dominion can become doors to transcendence.

  • • The Orgy.
  • • Dionysus and Bacchus, the deities of ecstasy.
  • • Dionysian mysteries: the Maenads and Bacchantes.
  • • Satyrs and Nymphae: the compulsion of Desire.
  • • Stimulants, euphoriants, and intoxicants.
  • • Practice: the Anointed Mirror.

Dark Aphrodisiacs PART 3

The Gift of Venus: Fertility and the Fulfilment of Desire

In this course, we shall deal with Growth, Fertility and Fulfilment in mysticism and magic, the final stage of Veneficium, where empowerment, dominion, ecstasy and reproduction collide: the mysteries of Love magic. The aim of this course is to give cohesion and inspiration to perform powerful love magic.

  • • Aphrodite and Venus: light and dark aspects of fertility.
  • • Other love and lust deities.
  • • Ancient love magic.
  • • Medieval and early modern love magic.
  • • Plants in love magic, enchantment and glamour.
  • • Practice: the Love Philtre

You will receive an email containing a link that allows you to download the pdf file with all the contents of the courses. Check your spam folder! If you have problems with the download, please contact us at occvlta@gmail.com.

* DISCLAIMER: Use this material at your own risk. Occvlta is not responsible for the information displayed in the courses, nor for any damages resulting from following the courses and the activities suggested in them.

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