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*Important: this is not a live course, you are purchasing the recording of 1 course held in November 2022 on our Patreon.

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The Hexafoil

History, Symbolism, Folklore, and Application of the Enigmatic Symbol

The hexafoil, rosette, religada, or daisy wheel is a symbol which has been long associated with the Sun and the protection of the household, the individual, and cattle since ancient times. To some cultures, it symbolizes the warmth and vitality of the Light, and it is believed to scare away the evils and dangers in Darkness. This symbol has been charged with cultural discourse and has become part of regional identities.

But what are the origins and different meanings associated to it? Is it related to witchcraft? How has it changed and evolved in those territories? How is it and how can it be applied today?

We will talk about the past, present, and future of the hexafoil in this online course.


  • • General assumptions.
  • • First evidence.
  • • The Hexafoil in the Mediterranean: history, folklore, and meanings.
  • • The Hexafoil in the Carpathians and the Pyrenees: history, folklore, and meanings.
  • • The Hexafoil in the British Isles and Scandinavia: history, folklore, and meanings.
  • • The Pennsylvania witch marks and hex signs: history, folklore, and meanings.
  • • Symbols beyond usage.
  • • Applications in folk magic and spirituality.
  • • What about the future? Hexafoils and identity.

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